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The information below is open source data reported to ZombieWarning.com.  The information below has been entered into the tracker and is being made available for public viewing.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracker.
Report Number Country Confirmed Summary
Submit a report If you have a report to submit for our review and possible inclusion on the Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracker, please send the information in an email to report@zombiewarning.com.

The following information must be included in the email:
By submitting information you are giving us the right to share the information in the Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracking System.  Contact information will not be posted with the report.
  • Date of incident
  • Location (Country and State, Territory or Province
  • Summary of incident (Be Descriptive)
  • If photos were taken, please include photographic evidence.
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Privacy Policy:  We do not require registration and any information volunteered in email communication with ZombieWarning.com is considered private unless we are required by law to provide the information to law enforcement personnel.  We do offer a service where people can submit Zombie Reports.  By submitting the information for possible inclusion into the Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracker, you are giving us permission to include the information on the ZombieWarning.com site.. We do not share personal information and only offer a service that you can use for free to be notified of a pending or imminent zombie attack.  to help keep this service free, we may use advertising on this site to cover the costs of maintaining this site. 
Disclaimer:  We utilize various open source pieces of information to collect our intelligence on possible or imminent zombie attacks.  We will change the alert image on the page to reflect what we judge to be the current zombie warning level.  Zombie warning levels higher than "low" will be linked to additional information about what you can do to prepare. 
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